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Signs and Lit for Distribution: (N/A)

Proposition K is gaining momentum in San Francisco! You Can Help!

Volunteer to walk precincts and attend events with ‘Yes on Prop K!’ You can do tabling, which is like a street party. We have a ton of stuff planned to get out the word and keep the “Yes on Prop K” message loud and visible throughout the city.

There are many ways for you to help!
1- Make a donation! We are printing more literature in Spanish and Chinese as well as in English. Time is running out for us to get material printed, (N/A)

2- Phone banking is great ! We have an office in San Francisco on Sunday. (N/A)

2- Stay informed! Get on the mailing list by sending an email to:

3- Put a window sign up in a visible part of your house! Give some leaflets to your friends. Email N/A

4-Sign up for tabling. Email (N/A)

5- For volunteers from ot of town email to see how you can help (N/A). If you’d like to come out and you need a place to stay, email (N/A) to be paired up with a local host in San Francisco.